Forest Gardens

Jacksmill Forest Gardens is our farm diversification project whereby grazed farmland was transformed into a biodiversity project. To date we planted over 4,500 native Irish trees such as hawthorn, hazel and spindle to provide habitat for pollinating insects, birds and other wildlife. The grassland meadow was rejuvenated by deep pin harrowing to reactivate dormant native wildflower seed in the soil. We adopted permaculture principles and developed a number of tree guilds with blackcurrant, pear and apple trees for use by wildlife and the allotment holders.

Farms have always been centres of community and we cultivated Jacksmill Forest Gardens to be a sanctuary for people and wildlife. We sustainably developed various allotments and large family plots for people who want space to grown their own fruit and vegetables. Our allotments are maintained with respect to biodiversity and the organic horticultural principles of non pesticide use, companion planting and enhancing soil fertility.

To maintain the tradition of wood-crafting and creativity throughout Jacksmill, we commissioned a series of wood sculptures by Ryan McNair. These sculptures detail aspects of nature within Irish mythology and are trailed throughout the forest gardens allotments. We produce our own natural apple juice called Anna’s Apples and it is available to buy direct from the farm.

Throughout the year we hold various tree planting days, workshops and talks with local community groups, schools and volunteers. If you would like to get involved in our ongoing biodiversity project, wish to view an allotment or buy some apple juice, please contact us.

“An amazing peaceful little haven to work from”